Tooled Up Education

‘I’m Moving Up to Year…’: An Activity to Help Young Children Prepare for the Transition to a New Class

This activity is aimed at children at the lower end of primary school who will soon be moving to a new year group. It gently nudges them to consider how this change makes them feel and to think of all the things that they are excited about, as well as anything that might make them feel a bit wobbly. It features places for them to draw their new teacher and friends and spaces for them to list out the things they love about their current class, the things they are looking forward to and any worries they have. It is a great starting place for ongoing conversations about this transition.

How Do I Feel about Change? (Activity for Children Moving Class Group or to a New School)

If your child is in the older years of primary/prep school and is embarking on a transition – perhaps to a new setting, or maybe just a new year group, it’s a good idea to nudge them to consider upcoming changes, focusing on all the exciting things about them but also noticing anything that makes them feel a bit wobbly. That way they can work out how to make themselves feel better!

Autism Conference – Watch The Whole Day!

Learn how to support autistic young people in your school with our autism conference, bursting at the seams with positive and practical tips. Over six hours of content included (we have also included each talk as individual videos on our website if you would rather watch them separately).

Dr Christie Talks with Dr Erika Galea: Cultivating Children’s Emotional Regulation Skills

Did you know that the ability to regulate our emotions well is connected to better mental health and wellbeing, academic achievement and stronger and more long lasting personal relationships? In this interview, Dr Erika Galea talks us through the most effective strategies for building the vital skill of emotional regulation which can be used in both the classroom and at home with children and young people of all ages.

Stress Management for Busy Parents: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Join Dr Kathy Weston to discuss stress management, aimed at parents who might be juggling a host of work, family or caring commitments. In this webinar, Dr Weston will talk about the aetiology of stress, evidence-based ideas for managing stress and suggest some advice and tips you can use in your own daily activities.

Autism Conference Bonus Talk: Neurodiversity in Early Childhood

How can we celebrate neurodiversity and empower children in their early years? Join ADHD and autism early childhood specialist Kerry Murphy for a presentation on how we can identify our (usually unconscious) ableist assumptions and start to replace them with neurodivergent-led practices. For example, how to incorporate a child’s special interests or stimming to help them feel safe and happy.

Autism Conference Bonus Talk: How to Support Autistic Children with PDA

Join educational and autism consultant/author Laura Kerbey for a presentation on PDA. Learn about the main characteristics of PDA, and crucially how young people often avoid things they love to do because of the anxiety triggered by the perceived demand or expectation. Laura talks us through some tools for support, including low-demand communication.

Autism Conference Talk: A Demonstration of the “SOFA” App – Write Stories to Support Autistic Children

Watch this demonstration of the helpful app “SOFA” (Stories Online for Autism) with Louis Camilleri. Learn how you can co-create stories with autistic children to reduce anxiety about upcoming events. For example, you will be able to create a story about a new school, introducing your child to their classroom and teacher and detailing what will happen the following day. Write a story about any activity to prepare your child and increase their confidence.