Tooled Up Education

Helping Children Who Feel Anxious about Fire: A Webinar with Joanna Foster

Joanna Foster is a leading specialist in the field of child-set fires, working with hundreds of London’s most vulnerable children and families. In this webinar, she talks us through how to manage children’s anxiety around fire and how to create a healthy relationship with it. She outlines useful anxiety-reducing strategies and provides some simple and effective ways of building children’s confidence and self-efficacy around fire safety. We’ve included her top tips as written notes for you to read if you are short of time.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Verity Jones: Climate Change Education, ‘Eco-Anxiety’ and Fast Fashion

Have you ever considered the impact of the climate crisis on young people or really asked how they feel about the constant barrage of bad news that faces them? In this interview, Dr Weston chats with Dr Verity Jones about sustainable futures and education. They talk through optimal ways to discuss issues around climate change with children and young people and outline the things that young people would find helpful. They also discuss the global impact of fast fashion and how our intimate relationship with clothes can be a great way to open up conversations about issues of sustainability. Dr Jones references a vast number of fantastic resources which teaching staff and parents will find useful.

York House School and the RULER Approach

Our emotions drive our social, personal and academic abilities. York House School uses a whole school programme called RULER to support and teach mental health and wellbeing. RULER was created by The Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence and is supported by extensive research in the USA and Australia. Through the use of RULER, the pupils and adults at York House use the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate school community. In this online talk, Simon Pettit tells us how York House has rolled out the RULER over the past five years, embedding social and emotional learning from the EYFS through to the Prep School.

Being the Rainbow: Advice for School Staff Supporting a Bereaved Pupil

Sadly, up to 70% of schools have a bereaved pupil on their roll at any given time. It can feel challenging to know how best to support children going through grief, but as Justin Bowen, author of ‘Be The Rainbow: A Practical Guide for Supporting Bereaved Children in Primary Schools’, says, ‘Great bereavement support doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be thoughtful.’ We’ve spoken to Justin to get some simple and effective tips, designed to help give confidence to staff supporting children at a difficult time.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Amy Harrison: Supporting a Friend with an Eating Disorder

In this interview, clinical psychologist and eating disorder expert, Dr Amy Harrison, talks to us about optimal ways to support a friend who has an eating disorder. She discusses her innovative research into the impact of eating disorders on social functioning and gives us some actionable tips that might be helpful in maintaining and strengthening friendships. She also guides us through some topics of conversation to avoid or reframe.

Let’s Connect for Children’s Mental Health Week

Connections with others – friends, family, teachers and even people we chat to in passing, such as neighbours or the person working in the local shop, are vital for our wellbeing. Without these connections, we can feel lonely or isolated, which can make us feel down. Thinking about how we connect with others and other ways to improve our wellbeing are important. Here are a few things that are worth considering.

A Quick Guide to Grief and Bereavement (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Sadly, the vast majority of young people will experience the death of someone significant to them before the age of 16. Losing someone that we love is extremely difficult for the whole family and ensuring that children feel supported when the adults who care for them might be feeling emotionally overwhelmed can be tough. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help. This quick guide talks you through some useful tips and points you to relevant resources in the Tooled Up library and beyond.

A Quick Guide to Emotional Literacy (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Emotional literacy refers to the ability to name and recognise the myriad of emotions that we all feel, and the skills to develop effective coping strategies to use when we experience difficult emotions. We’ve put together a quick guide to emotional literacy, extracting the most important things to know from current research, providing practical ways you can help to boost children’s emotional literacy and letting you know where you can find more advice and information on this crucial aspect of life in the Tooled Up library.

Becoming an Emotion Scientist

Inspired by the work of Professor Marc Brackett, author of “Permission to Feel” and Professor at Yale University, we have created this visual resource to support older children and teens in developing emotional literacy.