Tooled Up Education

Dr Weston Talks with Caoimhe Dempsey: How Parents Feel when Kids Start School

In this interview, Dr Weston talks with PhD student, Caoimhe Dempsey about her research into how parents feel when their children first start school. We know a lot about how to make children ‘school-ready’ in terms of their learning, but what about how parental attitudes and emotions impact their transition? Do parents tend to feel positively about school starting? How does it impact on their life? Tune in to find out!

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Mina Fazel: Supporting Refugee Children

In this interview, Professor Mina Fazel talks to Dr Weston about supporting displaced children once they are in a place of refuge. Listen now to find out about the crucial importance of a sense of belonging and how the outcomes of these children are dramatically improved if they are able to form natural social connections. Teachers and school staff can learn some top tips on supporting the mental health of refugee (and in fact all) children in the classroom. Professor Fazel also points us in the direction of some helpful further resources.

Making a Confident Comeback to Work After Maternity and Other Work Breaks

How do I do a good job and progress my career and still have time for family life? How do I show I’m still committed? How do I raise my visibility? These are three of the challenges that Jessica Chivers (CEO of Talent Keepers) regularly hears from coachees coming back from maternity and other types of extended leave. In this webinar, Jessica shares practical tips and brings the stories of real returners to help you make a confident comeback.

Supporting Autistic Students as They Transition to University: A Video

University dropout is more common for autistic young people than for non-autistic young people and the change from school to university can pose many challenges. In this video, youth development researcher, Dr Kathryn Bates, and writer and researcher, Kerrie Portman, herself a young autistic person who has gone through this experience, discuss key recommendations on how we can best support autistic young people as they transition to university.

Supporting Your Teen as They Move into Sixth Form

For teens, entering sixth form and moving towards greater independence in their lives and studies is a big step. Whilst undoubtedly exciting, some young people may find aspects of this transition daunting, or they may simply need a bit of help navigating new challenges and experiences. Remember that even though they are growing up, you remain a powerful influence and guide in their lives! Here are our top tips on supporting teens as they embark on the next stage of their journey.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Rory Devine: Interacting with Children in the Early Years

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with developmental psychologist, Dr Rory Devine. They focus on what we know about how young children develop control over their own thoughts and actions (their ‘executive functions’), and how they acquire the ability to tune in to the thoughts, feelings, and desires of others (their ‘theory of mind’), and the positive consequences these skills can have on children’s social lives, academic success and mental health. This fascinating interview will arm any parent or educator with simple ways to promote the development of these valuable life skills. Teachers can also learn more about a fantastic free tool to assess children’s school readiness.

Should They Stay or Should They Go? Weighing Up Transition at 11 or 13

Transition at any educational stage should be a choice that is well considered and parents and carers need to take any step change seriously, weighing up all relevant factors. This activity provides families with some reflective questions that might structure discussion and help inform any decision.