Tooled Up Education

Junior Wobble Sheet for Managing Anxiety

When children are feeling wobbly about something, evidence shows that it can really help to ease their anxiety if they work out what is worrying them, who can help and how to make themselves feel better. Use this worksheet to help younger children steady their wobbles.

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Robin Banerjee: Transition, Peer Relationships, Kindness and Success – Rethinking Wellbeing

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Professor Robin Banerjee about the connections between peer relationships, kindness and wellbeing, especially at points of transition or change in our children’s lives. They discuss initiatives to help prioritise wellbeing at the point of entry to secondary school and university, consider systemic social changes that might be needed to really promote wellbeing and chew the fat on how to ensure that young people feel empowered to form positive social connections.

10 Things Every Family Should Talk About Before School Returns After the Holidays

Transitioning back to school after the holidays, particularly the long summer break, requires a period of adjustment and preparation, for both parents and children. We advise starting this process early by having conversations, reestablishing expectations and boundaries, and making sure that children are in a good bedtime routine before school starts. Here are our top 10 things to talk about before term begins.

Reading to Your Child

Quick tips that will develop the skills required to make reading to your child a better experience for everyone.

Moving from Nursery to Primary School: Tips for Getting Ready

When little children take big steps, it can be a time of anxiety for the whole family. In this video, we make sure that parents understand the key things to focus on when helping your child become “school-ready”. Hopefully, after watching, you will feel empowered, more confident and better able to support your little one.