Tooled Up Education

Talking to Children About the Difference Between Secrets and Surprises

Whilst it might not sound that big an issue, there are crucial distinctions between the concepts of secrets and surprises. Nudging children to understand and recognise these differences is an important way to help keep them safe and maintain their wellbeing. Having open conversations about this at home (the exact opposite of secrecy) and being mindful of the language that we use ourselves is a good place to start.

Talking to Primary-Aged Children about Sex and Relationships: 10 Tips for Parents

Starting to have conversations with younger children about sex and relationships can feel daunting, but it doesn’t need to, especially with all of the resources that we have in the Tooled Up library that can help. Here are our top 10 tips for embarking on these important (and ongoing) discussions, which will help to prepare our children for relationships of all kinds as they grow.

“Everyone’s Invited”: Key Messages and Actionable Takeaways

These slides, created by Dr Weston as part of her talk series in schools about the Everyone’s Invited movement, will be of interest to those who have attended any of her staff CPD talks on this theme. They are not to be circulated or used without her express consent. For reference only.

Don’t Panic: Regaining Control if Sexting Goes Wrong

Whilst we want our teens to make informed and careful decisions about sexting, we also need to recognise that some young people will send sexts and that sometimes things can go wrong. If your teen has sent an intimate photo or video and now wishes they hadn’t, this guide can help them through the next steps to regain some control and support their wellbeing.