Tooled Up Education

To Send or Not to Send: Weighing Up the ‘Upsides’ and ‘Downsides’ of Sexting

This practical exercise allows young people, alongside a parent or teacher, to weigh up some of the factors that might come into a decision to ‘sext’. We have provided an example of how this exercise might play out and also a blank template which teens can fill in during conversation about sexting. Remember, without sensible and realistic chats, there is no barrier between teens and these impulsive decisions, which they may later regret. Hopefully, these conversations will help teens to realistically evaluate the risks, and see that, whilst there might be some upsides to sexting, the downsides can be serious.

The Pressure Cooker

Sending naked or partially naked images by text (sexting) is a fact of life in the digital world. Sometimes young people can face pressure to send inappropriate photos. Discussing how they might respond in this situation is helpful in combating peer pressure and making them feel more prepared. Use this resource to help initiate these useful chats.

25 Interesting Facts about Sexting

Sexting is the sending, receiving or forwarding of sexually explicit images, photographs or images of oneself or others. We have collected 25 interesting facts about sexting that you can use as a springboard for chats with your teen. Which facts do you both find surprising or shocking? What conclusions can you make?