Tooled Up Education

Raising a Resilient Teen with Dr Kathy Weston

Join Dr Weston for this dynamic webinar packed full of the best evidence-based ideas for boosting your brilliant tween or teen’s emotional, academic or digital resilience.

Dr Christie Talks with Dr Erika Galea: Cultivating Children’s Emotional Regulation Skills

Did you know that the ability to regulate our emotions well is connected to better mental health and wellbeing, academic achievement and stronger and more long lasting personal relationships? In this interview, Dr Erika Galea talks us through the most effective strategies for building the vital skill of emotional regulation which can be used in both the classroom and at home with children and young people of all ages.

Stress Management for Busy Parents: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Join Dr Kathy Weston to discuss stress management, aimed at parents who might be juggling a host of work, family or caring commitments. In this webinar, Dr Weston will talk about the aetiology of stress, evidence-based ideas for managing stress and suggest some advice and tips you can use in your own daily activities.

We Are Emotion Scientists

Inspired by the work of Professor Marc Brackett, author of “Permission to Feel” and Professor at Yale University, we have created this visual resource to support young children in developing emotional literacy. It explains, in simple language, what it means to be an ’emotion scientist’, nudges young children to think about different words to describe their emotions and helps about things that bring them joy. Great for use either in the classroom or at home.

Supporting Meltdowns in Early Childhood

Many young children have meltdowns and they can leave adults feeling helpless. Neurodiversity and early childhood specialist, Kerry Murphy explains everything we need to know about the potential causes of meltdowns and how best to respond to them. 

York House School and the RULER Approach

Our emotions drive our social, personal and academic abilities. York House School uses a whole school programme called RULER to support and teach mental health and wellbeing. RULER was created by The Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence and is supported by extensive research in the USA and Australia. Through the use of RULER, the pupils and adults at York House use the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate school community. In this online talk, Simon Pettit tells us how York House has rolled out the RULER over the past five years, embedding social and emotional learning from the EYFS through to the Prep School.

There’s a Time and a Place Quiz

This is a quiz to help us understand that there is a ‘time and a place’ for saying what is in our heads and a time to keep things to ourselves and stay quiet. If we say something to someone in particular situations or at particular times, it can be seen as rude, disruptive or even unkind. This quiz provides scenarios for teachers or parents to work through, reflect on or even role play. The aim is to develop a level of empathy for others, to encourage children and teens to ‘think first’ before talking and to praise them for coming up with new ideas that mean interactions with others work better.

A Quick Guide to Emotional Literacy (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Emotional literacy refers to the ability to name and recognise the myriad of emotions that we all feel, and the skills to develop effective coping strategies to use when we experience difficult emotions. We’ve put together a quick guide to emotional literacy, extracting the most important things to know from current research, providing practical ways you can help to boost children’s emotional literacy and letting you know where you can find more advice and information on this crucial aspect of life in the Tooled Up library.

Becoming an Emotion Scientist

Inspired by the work of Professor Marc Brackett, author of “Permission to Feel” and Professor at Yale University, we have created this visual resource to support older children and teens in developing emotional literacy.