Tooled Up Education

Quick Chat about ADHD with Dr Chris Schramm

Join us for a 20 minute chat with Dr Chris Schramm where we discuss key information and advice for anyone wanting to know about ADHD diagnoses, support and medication.

PTSD: What is it and how might it affect families?

In this webinar, Dr Hope Christie explains what trauma is, how posttraumatic stress disorder may develop following a trauma, and what impact trauma symptoms may have on children, adolescents, and adults. Dr Christie outlines how these symptoms may impact behaviour and emotions, and how parents can help support their child and themselves. This webinar is of interest to parents who would like to learn more about trauma and the impact it can have on the individual and their family.

Parenting a Child at Boarding School: Strategies for Staying Connected and Close

It is not uncommon for the parents of children who board to feel both excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for their children, whilst also feeling a little apprehensive about the separation. What is our role during term-time and how can we optimally support the school and our children during this period? How should we approach emails, phone calls and e-communication with our children in ways that benefit everyone? What strategies can we put in place to manage our own worries and wobbles and ensure they don’t get transferred to our children? How can we ensure our children make the most of the boarding experience but also enjoy their time at home in ways that feel enjoyable for all? Dr Gauri Seth answers all of your questions.

Stress Management for Busy Parents: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Join Dr Kathy Weston to discuss stress management, aimed at parents who might be juggling a host of work, family or caring commitments. In this webinar, Dr Weston will talk about the aetiology of stress, evidence-based ideas for managing stress and suggest some advice and tips you can use in your own daily activities.

Supporting Your Child if They Feel Worried about Their School Residential Trip

Whilst some children count down the days until their school residential, others worry. Being away from home, eating different foods, trying new activities and being in an unfamiliar place can be exciting, but some children find this change to the norm challenging, and they might even be reluctant to go. If your child is feeling a bit wobbly about an upcoming residential trip, take a look at our actionable tips, designed to equip you to work through their concerns together and help them to feel more prepared.

Autism Conference Bonus Talk: Neurodiversity in Early Childhood

How can we celebrate neurodiversity and empower children in their early years? Join ADHD and autism early childhood specialist Kerry Murphy for a presentation on how we can identify our (usually unconscious) ableist assumptions and start to replace them with neurodivergent-led practices. For example, how to incorporate a child’s special interests or stimming to help them feel safe and happy.