Tooled Up Education

Someone I Love is Poorly: Activity for Primary-Age Children with a Sick Relative

This resource is designed to help adults engage younger children in supportive conversations about a loved one’s illness. We invite children to gently open up about worries they may have, give them confidence to ask questions and demonstrate that there are people in their lives who are prepared to help them find out the answers.

Year 10 Wellbeing Presentation

In this 20 minute video for year 10 students, we help young people to understand more about their stage of development, introduce the concept of emotional literacy and point out the power that teens have in changing their mood and developing resilient habits.

Professor Tamsin Ford Answers All of Your Questions

Leading psychiatrist, Professor Tamsin Ford, joins us to answer your top questions about anything and everything related to raising children. This open and honest interview draws on both Professor Ford’s expertise and her personal experiences and covers topics as diverse as aspiration, the school assessment system, adoption and gender. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps & Products for Teens

Understanding more about their menstrual cycle can help young people manage symptoms more effectively. Help your teen to tool up with this list of the best innovations in menstrual cycle tracking apps and sustainable, comfortable, confidence-boosting period products that are highly suitable for younger girls.

Children’s Books about Loneliness or Isolation

This list of books for children and tweens all feature characters dealing with situations where they feel lonely or isolated and who deal with their emotions by going on adventures, finding new friends and expressing themselves in a variety of ingenious ways. If your child is lonely, or you think that they might be, these stories can help to kickstart conversations about how they are feeling and things they can do to help. They may also help them to understand that feeling lonely sometimes is very common and that they aren’t alone.

75 Things to Do Outside

Encouraging children to get outside and engage with the natural world around them is beneficial to their mental health and wellbeing. We all run out of ideas sometimes, so here’s a list of 75 things to try. They are generally suited to primary-aged children, but many can be enjoyed by young people of all ages (or anyone who is a child at heart). Why not print it out and see how many your child can tick off over the summer months?

30 Calming Drawing Ideas

Many people, young and old, find drawing, painting or being creative to be calming and soothing activities. We’ve teamed up with mindful drawing teacher, Fiona Meakin, to get her top drawing ideas for moments where you or your children need some calm (or simply when it’s a rainy day).

Calming Mindfulness Apps for Children and Teens

Some children and teens might find mindfulness apps useful tools in helping them to feel calm and relaxed. There are many available, so we’ve gathered together some evidence-based examples that might help them to sleep better and cope more effectively with challenging emotions.