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Preparing and Packing for my Exam or Test (Checklist for Primary-Aged Children)

Younger children preparing for an entrance exam, their 11+ or any other test or assessment may feel worried about preparing for the day. It might help to print out this simple activity, which reminds them of the things they need to consider and nudges them to get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast, and remember some strategies to help them feel calm on the day itself.

10 Ways to Support Your Child with Interview Practice

When children are preparing for an interview for a new school, it can be nerve wracking for them and us alike. It’s important for us parents to support them through the process calmly, helping them to feel prepared and comfortable. Here are our top tips.

Managing Parental Anxiety Around Children’s Assessments and Exams

We all want our children to do well at school, both academically and socially. When they have an upcoming exam or assessment, it’s normal for parents to feel a little nervous and hope that their child is able to do their best. However, for children to perform optimally, we need to manage our own anxiety first, watch our tone, gestures and language, and coach, rather than soothe. How do we do it? In this short video, Dr Weston provides some top, evidence-based tips.

Nudging Versus Pushing

As parents, we want the best for our children and we want to know that they are reaching their full potential. But we do have to be careful to keep a sense of balance between academic expectation or pressure and all of the other activities that keep them feeling good about themselves and their progress. There is a big difference between nudging and pushing. Find out more in this short video.

Charging Up My Body and Brain (A Video for Children)

Dr Weston shares four simple tips for primary-aged children which will boost their body and brain, helping them to feel more motivated and alert each day. She explains, in simple terms, why getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, eating a great breakfast and trying new experiences are all things which help us to function well and feel good. One to share with your children!

Dr Christie talks with Professor Johan Korhonen: Math Anxiety and Math Performance

In this interview, Professor Johan Korhonen talks with us about math anxiety and its role on math performance. Find out about why math anxiety may develop in children, what are the early signs of math anxiety, and how it may impact future educational aspirations. Professor Korhonen provides a number of insights into strategies both parents and teachers can implement immediately at home and at school to ease math anxiety in children.

Preparing for GCSE Exams: How Do I Feel and What Can I Do?

Preparing for important tests is always going to feel daunting for our teens. Nudging them to consider things that will help them to feel prepared can help to lessen nerves and anxiety. This simple reflective sheet can prompt them to unpick where they want to get and what they need to do to get there.

Exam Planner 2023

Now that exam timetables are being published, it’s important to encourage teens to note down the dates and times of their assessments, when they have study leave and their revision schedule. This simple planner will help them to keep track of all the key information that they need in the run up to exam season.

Planning for All Eventualities when Choosing a School or Waiting for Exam Results: An Activity to Help Children Feel Prepared

When children and teens are taking important exams or you are working together to choose their school, it’s vital that both you and they understand all of the options and have a positive plan for all outcomes. They need to know that, whatever happens, there are always avenues open to them and that there are numerous ways of achieving their goals. Help them to research and prepare and ensure that you’ve had plenty of conversations about all of the different pathways. Fill out these Plan A, B and C templates, pop them in envelopes and keep them for results day. On the day itself, open the relevant envelope and use it to help all of the positives shine through.