Tooled Up Education

Reflecting on My School Report

Use this activity to encourage your child to reflect on their school report, taking pride in their achievements and taking note of things to work on.

Helping Children Prepare for the 11+

We have worked with award-winning 11+ tutor, The Tutoress, to create an information sheet that should help to support you and your child through the 11+ exam process.

How Did I Do? Evaluating Learning After an Assessment

Tests, assessments or exams are a great way to find out how we are doing, what we are good at, and where we could do even better. Once your child has their assessment results, encourage them to use this activity to help them think about the things that they are proud of, what they are excited about and little goals that they can set, to help them learn even more.

Raising a Resilient Learner: Preparing Young Children for School Assessments

Tests and exams are a fact of life for all children. As parents, our goal should be to teach them that exams are not to be feared or perceived as stressful or traumatic. We should encourage them to view tests as a normal part of school life, which they should approach as proactively and positively as possible. Our top tips on preparing younger children for assessments will help you to consider how you talk about exams in family life, how to help your child feel calm and in control, and ways to make revising fun.