Tooled Up Education

Nutrition and Exams

Stress and late nights in the run-up to exam season can lead to changes in children’s eating patterns. We’ve teamed up with paediatric dietitian, Anjanee Kohli, to find out what we can do to help ensure that they have enough energy, stay hydrated and keep stress levels down.

20 Ways to Celebrate the End of Exams

When finishing exam season, your teen’s first thought might be to celebrate with a house party or somewhere else that might involve alcohol. However, partying is not the only way to mark the occasion and it’s good to remind them that there are so many more options for unwinding and rewarding their hard work. If you need some inspiration, here’s a list of 20 fun and varied activities.

Questions to Ask Older Teens Ahead of Exams

Preparation for important exams and assessments starts months before the big day itself. We’ve put together a list of helpful conversation prompts to use with older teens at various stages of their revision process, from 3-6 months before their exam right up to the day after.

Managing A Level Test Anxiety: Tips for Parents

Any parents of pupils ages 16-18 years old should tune in to this video to hear Dr Weston’s top tips on reducing your teens’ anxiety about tests. Learn how to support them effectively and be their biggest cheerleader.

Your Best Year Yet: Tips for Students in Their GCSE Year

We’ve put together some evidence-based tips for you to share with your teens as they embark on their GCSE year. Encouraging young people to integrate some of these ideas into their approach to learning, and their lives generally, will help them to improve their organisation and mindset in the run up to their exams.

Tips for Students in Their GCSE Year

Share this video with teens embarking on their GCSE year. It’s packed full of Dr Weston’s top tips on organisation, revision and planning, which they can put to good use during the autumn term, in the run up to Christmas.