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Everyday AI: Transforming How We Live and Interact

As artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of our lives, children and young people are uniquely positioned to harness its potential for growth and exploration. From AI-powered educational tools that adapt to individual learning styles, to generative AI that fuels artistic expression, this guide offers a glimpse into the workings of AI, how we already utilise it and what our children could use it for.

Everything You Need to Know about ‘Doxing’ (or ‘Doxxing’)

‘Doxing’ or ‘doxxing’ involves the intentional release of private or identifiable information about an individual online without their consent by a third party. In this article, Dr Lisa Sugiura talks us through what doxing is, what harm it does and how to help protect ourselves and our children from it.

Snapchat: Your Questions Answered

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms among teens and young people use it to communicate with their friends every day. As a parent, it’s important to understand what Snapchat is, how it works, and how it can impact your child’s online experience. This article aims to address common questions and provide important information to help you navigate Snapchat in the context of your family.

A Teacher’s Guide to AI Tools

In this webinar, experienced computing teacher and teacher trainer, Rachel Arthur, talks to us about AI tools and the future of education. In this practical 30 minute session, Rachel demonstrates seven tools that can transform your planning and practice, outlining how they can be put to great effect for lessons and research. Not to be missed!

Andrew Tate and Toxic Influencers: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Over the past few months it has been difficult to avoid social media influencer and misogynistic content creator, Andrew Tate. But, who is he? What should we know about him? He’s one of the most Googled men on earth, a champion kickboxer and an ‘entrepreneur’. He has a vast fan base among boys and men in countries all over the world and is a regular ‘talking point’ among young people. His views about women and girls have become notorious and he’s been banned from many mainstream social media platforms. Despite this, his appeal continues to flourish, with many users sharing his hateful content online.

In this webinar with expert, Dr Lisa Sugiura, we take a closer look at Andrew Tate, his methodologies, his appeal to some children and teens and what we can do to mitigate the risk that exposure to such material can bring.

An A-Z of Frequently Asked Parenting Questions and How Tooled Up Can Help

The Tooled Up library covers numerous different subjects relating to parenting and education. Our content ranges from articles and interviews about connecting with nature and children’s relationship with fire, to quizzes about clouds and James Bond. But there are some subjects that we are asked about very frequently. We want to make sure that you know exactly where to find the answers to all of these common questions. Hopefully this A-Z will help you to locate what you need in the library. Some of the topics on this list are relevant to children and young people of particular ages or developmental stages. Others are more universal. We could have included many more questions, but we wanted to give you a good snapshot of exactly what we can offer. Enjoy!

Raising a Child in the Digital Age: Tips for Parents and Carers

Join Dr Kathy Weston for this webinar on cultivating children’s digital resilience. We’ll give you an overview of practical tips drawn from research evidence and discuss how to stay positive about their digital futures whilst equipping them with tools to stay safe.