Tooled Up Education

Researcher of the Month: Dr Serena Bauducco Discusses Improving Teenagers’ Sleep

Our researcher of the month, Dr Serena Bauducco, talks to Dr Weston about her recent research project trialing a universal sleep intervention in Swedish secondary schools. They talk about the importance of sticking to bedtime routines as children grow older and the protective impact that whole-class sleep interventions can have.

Snapchat Safety Checklist

As parents, we can be under frequent pressure to download particular apps. This downloadable checklist of things to discuss with your child before they download Snapchat can be used in conjunction with our Snapchat FAQs.

100 Acts of Kindness

One of the most powerful, evidence-based ways to cultivate kindness that we can adopt at home or in school is ‘counting’ acts of kindness’, by creating a list of ideas and ticking them off as we perform them. How many of our acts of kindness can your children complete?

Researcher of the Month: Dr Jesus Alfonso D. Datu Discusses the Power of Kindness

Our researcher of the month, Dr Jesus (Jess) Alfonso D. Datu talks to Dr Weston about the importance of teaching children to be kind and the far-reaching psychological and social consequences of kindness. They discuss Dr Datu’s recent paper which examined whether fostering kindness in young people could promote media literacy.

Dr Weston Talks with Professor William Pickett and Professor Wendy Craig: Social Media Use and Cyberbullying

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks with Canadian researchers Professor William Pickett and Professor Wendy Craig about their findings linking intense and problematic social media use with cyberbullying, particularly for girls. They discuss the findings of their research and give advice to parents on how to educate children about digital literacy, to lower the risk of being bullied, or bullying, online. They also talk about the impact of COVID-19 on social media habits and sexting.

Dr Weston Talks with Andy Robertson: The Benefits of Gaming

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks to gaming and family technology expert Andy Robertson. They discuss all of the positive learning opportunities that games can offer and the optimal ways to engage with children about their digital world. They explore games which promote critical thinking, empathy and better communication and examine how the skills developed through gaming can translate to other scenarios.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Jeffrey DeMarco: Parenting in the Digital Age, Radicalisation and Sexual Exploitation

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks to Dr Jeffrey DeMarco about how we should engage with our children about the online world. They discuss the importance of teaching skills such as digital literacy, fact-checking and critical thinking, to ensure that children can access the amazing resources on the internet safely. They also talk about online radicalisation and sexual exploitation, and how to protect children against these threats.

Dr Weston Talks with Dr Elena Martellozzo: Young People, Pornography and Online Safety

In this podcast, Dr Weston talks to criminologist, Dr Elena Martellozzo, about her research into young people’s feelings about, and experiences of, online pornography. They discuss how parents should approach conversations with their children about pornography and relationships, and also what Dr Martellozzo’s research found that young people would like to learn and talk about during sex education at school. They also explore the issue of online safety and how sex offenders operate in the online world.

My Promises Around Image-Sharing

Sending naked or partially naked images of oneself by text (sexting), is a relatively uncommon, but growing, activity among young people. It’s important that teens are fully aware of the potential consequences of sexts before they decide to send one, or worse, feel pressured into doing so. Discuss the realities of sharing images with your teen and agree on some sensible promises, using our suggestions as starting points. There is space to add your own too.