Tooled Up Education

TikTok Explained

Useful for any parent with children who use TikTok, this video provides a brief introduction and overview of the platform, explains how TikTok works, how the algorithm operates and what privacy settings there are.

Thinking about Who We Follow and Why

This activity is designed to surface discussion about who young people follow online and why. It is also designed to provoke conversations about the importance of remaining critical about the things that we see and read online and conscious of its impact on us as individuals in terms of our attitudes and actions.

Dr Weston Talks with Professor Deirdre Butler and Dr Paula Lehane: Using Minecraft in Schools

In this podcast interview, Dr Weston talks with Professor Deirdre Butler and Dr Paula Lehane about how Minecraft: Education Edition is being used in classrooms. They discuss the great potential of so called ‘sandbox’ games in children’s learning, outline current gaps in the research evidence and provide useful tips for any teachers wanting to make the most of game-based learning.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps & Products for Teens

Understanding more about their menstrual cycle can help young people manage symptoms more effectively. Help your teen to tool up with this list of the best innovations in menstrual cycle tracking apps and sustainable, comfortable, confidence-boosting period products that are highly suitable for younger girls.

Researcher of the Month: Dr Larisa McLoughlin Discusses Cyberbullying and Social Connectedness

Our researcher of the month, Dr Larisa McLoughlin, talks to Dr Weston about her recent paper which examines whether or not social connectedness is a protective factor against cyberbullying’s negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. They chat about what social connectedness really is, the best ways to approach conversations about cyberbullying with young people and how schools can support strong social bonds.

A Quick Guide to Sexting (and Relevant Tooled Up Resources)

Sexting refers to the consensual or non-consensual sharing of nude or semi-nude images or videos and it’s illegal for people under the age of 18. We’ve put together a quick guide, covering key things you need to know and where you can find more advice and information in the Tooled Up library.

Apps to Help Children Engage with Nature

We put together a list of brilliant apps and websites that combine on- and offscreen activities to engage children with nature. These apps are designed for both outdoor adventures and learning and encourage children do everything from creating landscapes, growing vegetables and feeding animals to identifying constellations.

Researchers of the Month: Dr Miriam Rahali and Professor Sonia Livingstone Discuss #SponsoredAds and the Impact of Influencers on Children

Our Researchers of the Month, Dr Miriam Rahali and Professor Sonia Livingstone, talk to Dr Weston about their recent report, which examines the impact of influencer culture and embedded marketing on children. Given that 95% of YouTube videos aimed at children aged 8 and under contain advertising, and that 97% of 5-15 year olds use video-sharing platforms (with 57% spending 2.5 hours per day watching), they address the non-traditional marketing opportunities open to influencers and the impact they can have, before turning to recommendations and advice.