Tooled Up Education

Social Media and Body Image with Professor Tracey Wade

This webinar with Professor Tracey Wade examines the links between social media, low body image and disordered eating behaviours. You’ll find a discussion of eating disorders post-pandemic, learn why cultivating positive body image is so crucial and find out more about where brand new research is showing that social media fits in to the bigger picture.

Refuge and Risk: Vulnerable Children Online with Dr Aiman El Asam

Join forensic psychologist, Dr Aiman El Asam, and Dr Weston in an exploration of online risks for vulnerable children. Children with existing vulnerabilities are more at risk online and Dr El Asam examines the types of risks that they encounter and talks about how to reduce and mitigate some of these.

Internet Safety Conversation Starters

Internet Safety Day is coming up on February 8th. It’s a good reminder that one of the best things we can do to help young people to enjoy the online world safely is to talk to them about it. These 50 simple prompts can be used in everyday chat to open up conversations about critical thinking, fact-checking, behaviour and safety online.

Online Safety: Using Parental Controls

Once your child has a phone, or access to the internet, it’s impossible to shield them entirely from potentially viewing, or being sent, inappropriate content. However, there are many tools available which can help to filter or block things that are adult or distressing. As parents, it’s important for us to familiarise ourselves with the settings on any devices in our homes and make use of parental controls.

Cultivating Good Gaming Habits: Tips for Parents

Does gaming feel like a battleground in your home? Here are our top 10 tips to help ensure that gaming is a fun and beneficial part of your child’s life and not a source of conflict.

Don’t Panic: Regaining Control if Sexting Goes Wrong

Whilst we want our teens to make informed and careful decisions about sexting, we also need to recognise that some young people will send sexts and that sometimes things can go wrong. If your teen has sent an intimate photo or video and now wishes they hadn’t, this guide can help them through the next steps to regain some control and support their wellbeing.